program 2022

Invited Speakers

  • Matteo Ambrosetti (Northvolt) – Multiscale Methodologies for Electrolyte Characterization
  • Evangelos Floros (EuroHPC JU) – EuroHPC Exascale and Future
  • Albert Frisch (AQT/Universität Innsbruck) – HPC-Integration of an Ion-Trap Quantum Computer
  • Richard Gerber (NERSC) – Perlmutter and HPC in the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science
  • Jean Pierre Panziera (Atos) – Future HPC Technologies
  • Lubomir Riha (IT4Innovations, VSB-Technical University of Ostrava) – Selected Cases of GPU Accelerated Parallel Applications at IT4Innovations 

Tuesday, May 31, 2022 (preliminary)

Start    Title
09:00  EuroHPC-Workshop WELCOME to the EuroHPC Access Workshop
09:05  EuroHPC-Workshop Overview of (already existing) EuroHPC systems
09:20  EuroHPC-Workshop LEONARDO - current status and what it is to us (the consortium)
09:30  EuroHPC-Workshop Calls for application and review process
10:00  EuroHPC-Workshop Tipps and tricks from the user perspective with PRACE applications
10:30 COFFEE
11:00  EuroHPC-Workshop

High-level support on sites, how to choose the appropriate HPC system and call

11:30  EuroHPC-Workshop Round table with officers and experts, Q&A
12:00 LUNCH  
13:00   WELCOME to ASHPC22


Evangelos Floros EuroHPC Joint Undertaking State-of-Play (INVITED TALK)
14:00 Bernhard Semlitsch Performance Modelling of Ship Propellers by Computational Flow Simulation
14:20 Felix Reuß

Crunching Petabytes with the VSC:

The processing and analysis of global satellite imagery

14:40 Soner Steiner

Collaboration with the SME TAILSIT during the SHAPE project PARTS:

Electromagnetic simulations with the finite/boundary element method for large systems using HPC

15:00 COFFEE
15:30 Harald Höller-Lugmayr From silicon to silicon
15:50 Peter Kandolf Austrian DataLAB and Services
16:10 Alois Schlögl

Where is the sweet spot?

A procurement story of general purpose compute nodes

16:30 BREAK 
16:45 Dejan Valh Vega EuroHPC, 1st year in service

Siegfried Höfinger,

Jan Zabloudil

Next generation Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC-5)
17:25 Markus Hickel VSC Storage, Present and Future

Irene Reichl,

Simeon Harrison

Current Developments on the Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC)

Alexander Ostermann


Plenary discussion with users about their needs and wishes for future HPC systems
19:00 DINNER 

Wednesday, June 1, 2022 (preliminary)

Start   Title
09:00 Lubomir Riha Selected Cases of GPU Accelerated Parallel Applications at IT4Innovations (INVITED TALK)
09:40 Uroš Lotrič Energy-Efficient Computing with Approximate Tensor Core Units
10:00 Josef Weinbub Shared-Memory Fast Marching Method for Re-Distancing on Hierarchical Meshes
10:20 Ioannis Vardas MPICCP: MPI Profiling for Communication and Communicator Structure
10:40 Sascha Hunold MPI Performance Tools under the Microscope: A Thorough Overhead Analysis
11:00 COFFEE
11:30 Sarah Stryeck NCC Austria - A National Competence Center for High-performance computing, High-Performance Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
11:50 Pavel Tomšič Slovenian National Competence Centre HPC
12:10 Ferenc Szani Vision of a HPC NCC today
12:30 LUNCH
14:00 Albert Frisch HPC-Integration of an Ion-Trap Quantum Computer (INVITED TALK)
14:45 Markus Wallerberger Romeo and Julia: HPC, ranking, and the many-electron problem
15:05 Philipp Gschwandtner The Cluster Coffer: Teaching HPC on the Road
15:25 COFFEE
15:55 Richard Gerber NERSC, Perlmutter and HPC in the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science (INVITED TALK)
16:40 BREAK
* László Ligeti Case study: How to select the right Software mix for SMEs
* Leon Kos Interactive Hands-on Introduction to Parallel Programming
* Pavel Tomšič Erasmus+ project: SCtrain
* Shokirbek Shermukhamedov Neural network potentials for fusion material research
* Stefano Elefante Benchmarking using Relion GPU workloads
* Jakob Merljak arcControlTower for distributed HPC job management
* Blaž Stres Catch22 = Biomed 2022 (ONLINE)
* Dušan Račko The free volume in PVME-water mixture as obtained from HPC simulations (ONLINE)
* Eduard Vorobyov Computing the gravitational (electrostatic) potential on nested Cartesian meshes using the convolution method (ONLINE)
* Renáta Rusková HPC in design of devices for chiral nanotechnology (ONLINE)
* Vladislav Kashansky Heterogeneous Workflows Scheduling in the Computing Continuum Systems (ONLINE)
19:00 DINNER

Thursday, June 2, 2022 (preliminary)

Start   Title
09:00 Matteo  Ambrosetti Multiscale Methodologies for Electrolyte Characterization (INVITED TALK)
09:45 Janez Povh High-performance electricity consumption prediction
10:05 Aleš Zamuda Speeding up Vectorized Benchmarking of Optimization Algorithms
10:25 COFFEE
11:00 Dominik Gehringer Modelling-aided materials discovery at Montanuniversität Leoben
11:20 Gerhard Kahl On the emergence of quasi-crystalline structures in a Wigner bilayer system
11:40 Davor Sluga Development of GPU accelerated molecular software (CmDock) for efficient high-throughput virtual screening
12:00 LUNCH
13:30 Domen Verber High-Performance Computing with Relational Database Management Systems
13:50 Giovanna Roda Distributed computing for everyone
14:10 Jean Pierre Panziera Atos - Future HPC technologies (INVITED TALK)
14:55 CLOSING (tentative)
15:00 COFFEE (tentative)
15:30 END of ASHPC22 (tentative)