program 2022

DOI: 10.25365/phaidra.337
ISBN: 978-3-200-08499-5
(EuroCC Austria, c/o Universität Wien)

Keynote Speakers

  • Matteo Ambrosetti (Northvolt) – Multiscale Methodologies for Electrolyte Characterization
  • Evangelos Floros (EuroHPC JU) – EuroHPC Exascale and Future
  • Albert Frisch (AQT/Universität Innsbruck) – HPC-Integration of an Ion-Trap Quantum Computer
  • Richard Gerber (NERSC) – Perlmutter and HPC in the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science
  • Jean Pierre Panziera (Atos) – Future HPC Technologies
  • Lubomir Riha (IT4Innovations, VSB-Technical University of Ostrava) – Selected Cases of GPU Accelerated Parallel Applications at IT4Innovations 

Tuesday, May 31, 2022 (preliminary)

Start    Title
09:00 Claudia Blaas-Schenner WELCOME to the EuroHPC Access Workshop
09:05 Andrej Filipčič Overview of (already existing) EuroHPC systems
09:20 Alessandro Marani LEONARDO - current status and what it is to us (the consortium)
09:30 Klara Meštrović & Krishnakshi Bhuyan Calls for application and review process
10:00 Philipp Gschwandtner Tipps and tricks from the user perspective with PRACE applications
10:30 COFFEE

Tomáš Kozubek &

Teo Prica

High-level support on sites, how to choose the appropriate HPC system and call

11:30 EuroHPC-Workshop Round table with officers and experts, Q&A
12:00 LUNCH  
13:00 Andrej Filipčič WELCOME to ASHPC22


Evangelos Floros EuroHPC Joint Undertaking State-of-Play (KEYNOTE TALK)
14:00 Bernhard Semlitsch Performance Modelling of Ship Propellers by Computational Flow Simulation
14:20 Felix Reuß

Crunching Petabytes with the VSC:

The processing and analysis of global satellite imagery

14:40 Soner Steiner

Collaboration with the SME TAILSIT during the SHAPE project PARTS:

Electromagnetic simulations with the finite/boundary element method for large systems using HPC

15:00 COFFEE
15:30 Harald Höller-Lugmayr From silicon to silicon
15:50 Peter Kandolf Austrian DataLAB and Services
16:10 Alois Schlögl

Where is the sweet spot?

A procurement story of general purpose compute nodes

16:30 BREAK 
16:45 Dejan Valh Vega EuroHPC, 1st year in service

Siegfried Höfinger &

Jan Zabloudil

Next generation Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC-5)
17:25 Markus Hickel VSC Storage, Present and Future

Irene Reichl &

Simeon Harrison

Current Developments on the Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC)

Alexander Ostermann


Plenary discussion with users about their needs and wishes for future HPC systems
19:00 DINNER 

Wednesday, June 1, 2022 (preliminary)

Start   Title
09:00 Lubomir Riha Selected Cases of GPU Accelerated Parallel Applications at IT4Innovations (KEYNOTE TALK)
09:40 Uroš Lotrič Energy-Efficient Computing with Approximate Tensor Core Units
10:00 Josef Weinbub Shared-Memory Fast Marching Method for Re-Distancing on Hierarchical Meshes
10:20 Ioannis Vardas mpisee: MPI Profiling for Communication and Communicator Structure
10:40 Sascha Hunold MPI Performance Tools under the Microscope: A Thorough Overhead Analysis
11:00 COFFEE
11:30 Sarah Stryeck NCC Austria - A National Competence Center for High-performance computing, High-Performance Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
11:50 Pavel Tomšič Slovenian National Competence Centre HPC
12:10 Ferenc Szani Vision of a HPC NCC today
12:30 LUNCH
14:00 Albert Frisch HPC-Integration of an Ion-Trap Quantum Computer (KEYNOTE TALK)
14:45 Markus Wallerberger Romeo and Julia: HPC, ranking, and the many-electron problem
15:05 Philipp Gschwandtner The Cluster Coffer: Teaching HPC on the Road
15:25 COFFEE
15:55 Richard Gerber NERSC, Perlmutter and HPC in the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science (KEYNOTE TALK)
16:40 BREAK
* Philipp Gschwandtner The Cluster Coffer
* László Ligeti Case study: How to select the right Software mix for SMEs
* Vladislav Kashansky Heterogeneous Workflows Scheduling in the Computing Continuum Systems (ONLINE)
* Jakob Merljak arcControlTower for distributed HPC job management
* Renáta Rusková HPC in design of devices for chiral nanotechnology (ONLINE)
* Dušan Račko The free volume in PVME-water mixture as obtained from HPC simulations (ONLINE)
* Shokirbek Shermukhamedov Neural network potentials for fusion material research
* Eduard Vorobyov Computing the gravitational (electrostatic) potential on nested Cartesian meshes using the convolution method (ONLINE)
  Stefano Elefante Benchmarking using Relion GPU workloads
  Leon Deutsch Catch22 = Biomed 2022 (ONLINE)
* Leon Kos Interactive Hands-on Introduction to Parallel Programming
* Pavel Tomšič Erasmus+ project: SCtrain
19:00 DINNER

Thursday, June 2, 2022 (preliminary)

Start   Title
09:00 Matteo  Ambrosetti Multiscale Methodologies for Electrolyte Characterization (KEYNOTE TALK)
09:45 Janez Povh High-performance electricity consumption prediction
10:05 Aleš Zamuda Speeding up Vectorized Benchmarking of Optimization Algorithms
10:25 COFFEE
11:00 Dominik Gehringer Modelling-aided materials discovery at Montanuniversität Leoben
11:20 Gerhard Kahl On the emergence of quasi-crystalline structures in a Wigner bilayer system
11:40 Davor Sluga Development of GPU accelerated molecular software (CmDock) for efficient high-throughput virtual screening
12:00 LUNCH
13:30 Domen Verber High-Performance Computing with Relational Database Management Systems
13:50 Giovanna Roda Distributed computing for everyone
14:10 Jean Pierre Panziera Atos - Future HPC technologies (KEYNOTE TALK)
14:55 CLOSING (tentative)
15:00 COFFEE (tentative)
15:30 END of ASHPC22 (tentative)