Austrian HPC Meeting 2020 - AHPC20 | February 19-21, 2020 | IST (Austria)


The Austrian HPC Meeting 2020 – AHPC20 was held February 19-21,2020 at IST (Austria)


High-Performance Computing (HPC) operates at the limits of computationally feasible problems, and helps to conquer new territory of science. Learning about current limitations, and exchange of ideas how to address these issues is key for the further development in scientific and technological competitiveness. This Austrian HPC meeting was an excellent opportunity to present and learn about the latest research results, and to exchange ideas between the users and providers of HPC resources.


AHPC20 was organized by the Institute of Science and Technology Austria in cooperation with the Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC).


Thank you for joining us at IST and for contributing to AHPC20.



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Keynote Speakers

  • Philippe Notton, European Processor Initiative
    Philippe Notton is General Manager of the European Processor Initiative and CEO of SiPearl, the fabless company designing the main EU processor. He received a Dipl. Ing. In Electrical engineering and Signal Processing from Supelec (France, 1993) and an Exec. MBA from Essec (France, 2008) and Mannheim (Germany, 2008). Philippe has more than 20 years of experience in semiconductor including multiple senior exec roles in MStar Semiconductor Taiwan and ST Microelectronics.
  • Walter B. Ligon
    Walter B. Ligon III received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1992 and is currently an Associate Professor of Computer Engineering at Clemson University. For the past 24 years Walt has worked in parallel I/O. Working with a number of national labs Walt and his students developed the Parallel Virtual File System, an open source software system that allows parallel tasks to access data distributed across multiple storage nodes. PVFS has been innovative in a number of areas including its highly modular object-based architecture, distributed metadata, interface features, and avoidance of global synchronization. Walt is currently in the design phase of OrangeFS (PVFS 3.0) which will incorporate a much more widely distributed model for high performance cloud computing. Walt is also working on PXFS, a parallel I/O system for ParalleX that integrates the name space of memory and storage for Exascale computational systems.
  • Franz Franchetti
    Franz Franchetti is Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. He received the Dipl.-Ing. (M.Sc.) degree in Technical Mathematics and the Dr. techn. (Ph.D.) degree in Computational Mathematics from the Vienna University of Technology in 2000 and 2003, respectively. Dr. Franchetti’s research focuses on automatic performance tuning and program generation for emerging parallel platforms and algorithm/hardware co-synthesis. Within the Spiral effort, his research goal is to enable automatic generation of highly optimized software libraries for important kernel functionality.
  • Leonid Sazanov, Cryo-EM – Challenges for HPC
    Leonid Sazanov is a Professor leading research group “Structural Biology of Membrane Protein Complexes” at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria. He uses cryo-electron microscopy and X-ray crystallography to study structure and mechanism of membrane-embedded molecular machines from the domain of bioenergetics. His group solved the first atomic structures of bacterial and mammalian respiratory complex I, V/A-type ATPase and proton-translocating transhydrogenase. Leonid was born in Belarus, studied Biophysics at Belarus State University, obtained PhD in Biophysics from Moscow State University in Russia, and performed research in UK at the University of Birmingham, Imperial College London and MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge. Since 2000 he was a group leader in the MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit in Cambridge and came to IST in 2015. Leonid is a member of EMBO (European Molecular Biology Organisation) and a Fellow of the Royal Society.


Organizing Committee 2020


AHPC20 will be organized by the Institute of Science and Technology Austria in cooperation with the Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC)

Alois Schlögl (IST)

Sandra Sandrovac (IST)