Austrian HPC Meeting 2016 – AHPC16 | February 22–24, 2016 | Grundlsee (Austria)


The Austrian HPC Meeting 2016 – AHPC16 was held February 22–24, 2016, at Seeblickhotel-GrundlseeLocated at Grundlsee (Styria, Austria) it lies in the heart of Ausseerland, surrounded by splendid mountains and marvelous lakes. 


AHPC16 was a meeting on all aspects of scientific computing featuring keynote lectures and contributed presentations as well as a tutorial on parallel file I/O.


Jointly organized by the  VSC (Vienna Scientific Cluster) and ACSC (Austrian Center for Scientific Computing) it aimed at bringing together scientists and technicians with a background and interest in supercomputing to discuss strategic issues for the future development of HPC in Austria. In this context a special focus was the planning and design of the next generation of the Vienna Scientific Cluster – VSC-4. AHPC16 intended to foster new insights and collaborations for a sustainable and flourishing HPC development in Austria.


Thank you for joining us at Grundlsee and contributing to AHPC16 !!!


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Keynote Speakers

  • Ivona Brandić
    TU Wien, Institute for Software Technology and Interactive Systems

    Challenges in geo-temporal control of multi-clouds

  • Gernot Plank
    Medical University of Graz, Institute of Biophysics

    Computing the heart beat - numerical challenges in solving the cardiac multiphysics problem with biophysically detailed anatomically accurate models of a human heart

  • Raimund Podloucky
    University of Vienna, Institute of Physical Chemistry

    From Schrödinger's equation to properties of solid matter

  • Thomas Rattei
    University of Vienna, Department of Microbiology and Ecosystem Science

    The million genomes challenge: bioinformatics and HPC in microbial genomics

  • Ulrich Rüde
    Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, System simulation, Germany

    Lattice Boltzmann methods on the way to exascale

  • Isabella Weger
    European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), Reading, UK 
    Let's talk about the weather – the role of supercomputing in earth system modeling

Organizing Committee

Irene Reichl (VSC)

Marian Vajteršic (ACSC)

Ernst Haunschmid (VSC)

Herbert Störi (VSC)